Thermal baths & Health Resorts

The Grisons region offers a wide range of thermal baths and health resorts. The Felsen-Therme Vals or the Engadin Bad Scuol are both hallmarks of the Grisons baths culture - but there are many more small yet fine baths with healing water in the Grisons.

Thermal bath in Vals

Thermal bath in Vals

Bad Alvaneu thermal bath

Since the 16th century there have been lively bathing activities in Alvaneu, which flourished in the 19th century with the construction of the Albula Pass road. In 2001, the former health spa was replaced by a modern, small wellness centre with integrated health treatments.


Andeer's Mineral Spa

Andeer's Bath House has a long history. It was used already 700 years ago by muleteers on their ardous journeys through the Alps. Still today, countless wellness-hungry guests seek rest and relaxation in Andeer's mineral bath and sauna.

Tamina thermal bath, Bad Ragaz

The 36.5°C thermal water has been piped 4.5 kilometres to Bad Ragaz since 1840. The public thermal spa in Bad Ragaz is a place for regenerating your body, spirit and soul. Even more relaxation is ensured thanks to a magical lighting concept, music and massage chairs. A spacious sauna area as well as broad beauty and massage packages perfectly make up for your outdoor activities. Moreover, four different bathing procedures ensuring your personal well-being are available.

Vals thermal bath

Vals thermal bath offers numerous indoor pools with different temperatures and a large outdoor pool with views of the surrounding mountains. Peter Zumthor, the celebrated architect, says about his building: “Mountain, stone, water - building in stone, building with stone, building into the mountain, building out of the mountain, being inside the mountain - how can the meanings and the sensuality that lie in the combination of those words be architecturally interpreted, translated into architecture? While we were tackling these issues, we designed the building and gave it form, step by step.”

Bogn Engiadina Scuol

Despite being located in the village centre, Bogn Engiadina is discreetly tucked away. It is fed by four of the twenty health springs, the water of which (between Tarasp-Vulpera, Scuol and the two sun terraces of Sent and Ftan) was described by naturopath Paracelsus hundreds of years ago as healing.

Klosters− Serneus sulphur bath

The Walser village is located off the wide beaten track. It is precisely this remoteness that makes this wellness facility so appealing. Sporting, skiing and hiking trails are nearby. The small stillness oasis features a 270m2 wellness facility and a 124m2 indoor pool (pure sulphur spring water without chemicals and chlorine).

St. Moritz Health Resort

The springs have established the reputation of St Moritz. More than 3,000 years ago, the iron-containing water was first collected and used for medicinal purposes. Evidence of this is the oldest therapeutic spa water channel made from wood dating back to the year 1466 BC.