Singing bowl massage

A harmonious body

Well-being from the Himalayas. The soothing sound massage makes you forget about hectic everyday life and lets you achieve inner peace. During this relaxing treatment, special singing bowls in various sizes and with different frequencies and tones are placed on the clothed body and struck. The vibrations of the singing bowls are transferred through the body and spread into waves.

Listen to the sounds and feel the vibrations move through your body. It is a massage for each of your 70 billion cells. The body is released from its physical and emotional tension and blockages.

Singing bowl massage: well-being from the Himalayas.

Singing bowl massage: well-being from the Himalayas.

A review of this experience:

"A Chakra treatment with planetary singing bowls, colours and shapes has permanently solved my stress-related headaches, stomach pains and insomnia." N.R. in H.

The singing bowl massage strengthens your self-healing abilities and lets you experience deep relaxation. Hours later you will still feel an inner harmony and you will be at peace with yourself and the world. Muscular tension is also released and the Chakras are stimulated. Furthermore, the treatment improves body awareness, and your creativity and creative power are also positively influenced. With regard to spirituality, the sound massage cleanses the aura. For this reason, the singing bowls are not placed on the body but rather gently move within the aura, which is the energetic field around the body.

Your masseuse

Our masseuse Rosmarie Kuhn is available twice a week for you at the chalet-resort. The reception desk will be pleased to take your reservation.

Important: take some time off before the massage and enjoy your relaxed state afterwards.

Rosmarie Kuhn

Rosmarie Kuhn

Further information

Place of massage

  • At your chalet-apartment


  • 1 - 1.5 hours


  • CHF 190


  • comfortable

Reservations by appointment

  • on request, after consulting with the guest (early reservation recommended)