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Are you looking for a unique offer? A special experience that will really get your adrenaline pumping or just the opposite? Then you've come to the right place.


The oldest city in Switzerland


With its more than 500 shops, Chur is the largest shopping centre between Zurich and Milan. Its car-free old town and winding alleys invite you to leisurely enjoy a shopping stroll. From the PRIVÀ Alpine Lodge you can reach Chur in only 20 minutes by...


Fashion Outlet

In Landquart you can find a spacious fashion outlet with over 160 brands. The outlet is open seven days a week. You can reach Landquart in just 30 minutes by car or in one hour by public transport.

Culture & customs

Closeness to nature and living traditions combined with modernity - that is the appeal of Lenzerheide. In addition, culture and customs are very present in the Lenzerheide holiday region.

Here, cheese is still hand-made, as is the traditional Grisons dried meat. Local female farmers will bake bread with you in a wood-fired oven in the old bakery as in the past, or treat you with local specialties at popular farmers' evenings. You will also find historical treasures from the time when the Grisons still consisted of individual “leagues”. Experience the Lenzerheide holiday region - rooted in its traditions and at the same time open to modern world.

Belfort castle ruins

The local museum Vaz/Obervaz opened a new herb garden in the Belfort castle ruins in Brienz/Brinzauls.

Spice, medicinal and aromatic plants, which were probably already used in the Middle Ages, thrive in the historic ruins. An informative brochure on the herb garden is available at the entrance to the castle. The place that today is regarded as a dreamy destination, in the period from the 13th to the 14th century was a focal point of the political, legal and economic organisations of the country, and its walls were full of vibrant life. One of the main connecting roads wound its way in front of the castle gate. As many as 500 years ago, the Belfort castle was stormed and burnt prior to the Battle of Calven (1499). Since then the imposing building collapsed. On one hand, its restored ruins remind of the successful self-assertion of the leagues in the Swabian War; on the other hand they are also a memorial of their builders, the barons of Vaz, the once powerful noble family in Upper Raetia.


The alpine cheese dairy

The alpine cheese dairy in the old cowshed of Plantahof Alp is a fascinating thing. A modern al-pine milk processing plant in a barn that is over 100 years old. The cheese dairy is located in such a way that visitors can always see what is going on.

Extreme sport


Have you always wished to see the Grison Alps from above? A paragliding flight makes it possible. Enjoy the unlimited freedom in the air at more than 1'000 metres above sea level.

Our paragliding pilot, Seraina Murk, takes you up the mountain and prepares the tandem flight with you. Book your adventure day in the air at short notice and record this moment on video and photo.

For further information get in touch with the reception.

Good to know:

Since the high valley of the holiday region Lenzerheide is aligned on a north-south axis, the paragliders have to face strong high-alpine winds. For this reason, our paraglider pilot switches to Savognin or Flims in order to guarantee you this experience.

River Rafting

Experience the most beautiful water downhill in Europe. Over thousands of years, the Anterior Rhine has shaped an extraordinary landscape: rapids which take your breath away, vertical cliffs, deep canyons and steeply falling scree slopes are the ingredients of this adventure cocktail. Not for nothing, the Rhine Canyon is called the Grand Canyon of Switzerland.

Our partner WasserchRAFT organises recognised and guided river rafting runs on a river with a length of 20 km from Ilanz to Reichenau. Experience the natural wonder Rhine Canyon very closely and book your river rafting run now.

Conditions & requirements

  • Minimum number per rafting run: 6 persons
  • From 10 years onwards (family rafting with children under 10 years of age possible on request)
  • Swimming skills are strongly recommended
  • Insurance is a matter of the participants

Rhaetian Railway

Bernina Express

Unforgettable Alpine Journey

An unforgettable Alpine journey of fascinating contrasts: the Bernina Express, as the highest railway track over the Alps, connects northern Europe to the south. After a good three-hour ride, the Bernina Express ends its journey past the Swiss border in Tirano in Italy. The Albula and Bernina line is a masterpiece of engineering which, in summer 2008, was recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Lenzerheide, the trainstaion in Chur or in Tiefencastel are ideal to embark the train.

Take a seat...

...and enjoy the view of the impressive scenery and idyllic villages in Grisons. On the 384-kilometre long railroad network of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), drive along the famous Albula/Bernina line (UNESCO world heritage), or the Glacier Express route - an impressive train experience.

The slowest express train worldwide

Glacier Express

at Bergün

Albula Railway Museum