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Grill Restaurant Hotel Revier

Grill Restaurant Hotel Revier

Specialities from Josper’s grill

Our sister hotel Revier is only a few minutes’ walk away and is known for its barbecue specialities. Meat and fish specialities cooked over charcoal are served from the Spanish Josper grill. The drinks menu features selected beverages such as Fritz Kola and over thirty different craft beers.

Revier Hotels are no ordinary hotel group, but a lifestyle all of its own. Nothing is more reliable than one's own instinct. Your primal urge. So get out.

On forays. Hunt and gather just like our ancestors. Only today your prey consists of impressions, experiences, adrenaline and things that are important to you. And of friends you interact and share with. That is the truly essential thing in life. That's why there's your Revier (engl. "territory”) - where you instinctively feel comfortable. Where you'll find everything you need: Friends, sleeping, eating, drinking. For your forays through days and nights. And for a retreat for two - or alone.